What’s up for 2013.

January 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

While it is hard to predict what will happen this coming year, I think it is fair to say that it will be better than 2012. Better because we will have no presidential election this year and no over saturation of political ads. Better because our economy is starting to look better and people are tired of the wait and see attitude. Congress better get the hint.

For Boxing Cats it will be a year of growth and moving forward. We have plans to expand our offerings both in the creative and production areas. I have spent any downtime I have on training and upgrading my skill level in Adobe Creative Suite 6. I have also completed training in Adobe Muse and am in the process of designing and building a couple of websites.

I am most excited about completing my training in Adobe’s DPS (Digital Publishing Suite). Using the InDesign workflow I turned my portfolio into an interactive document and converted it into an iPad app. It is an area that I expect to grow in 2013. If you want any info on DPS, go to: Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

Pam and I are also working on a brand upgrade for Boxing Cats Creative and we can’t wait to launch the new look. Here’s to a great 2013. Work hard, have fun!


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