I have been a graphics professional for over 30 years both in the creative and production fields. I started out as a typographer and manager of an art department at a local typesetting firm.

After a time I left and started a display typesetting firm called Letterworx with my friend and colleague, Jim Fredericks. Letterworx was formed during the time known as BC (before computers). I have always had a great love of typography and type design. Much of my design style is typographic and a lot of this blog will be devoted to typography and type trends.

As technology and computers made handset type and typography a commodity, I became co-owner and account executive at our parent design and production firm. It was an opportunity to learn the client side of the business and really hone my networking and people skills. I was pretty successful at it for a period of time and brought in some great clients and launched some very successful projects. I got the chance to work with some top brands and most of the best creative agencies and design firms in the Twin Cities. After a time, I made a decision that my first love was creating and executing hands on design solutions for clients so I switched gears and spent the last 7 years utilizing my original training as a graphic designer/production artist.

I have now teamed with my wife, designer/art director, Pam Randall, to form Boxing Cats Creative, our own design and branding firm.

I have seen a lot in my 30+ years in the business and I have plenty of insight and experience to share. My hope is to make some good observations, point people to interesting resources and learn more from my readers than I pretend to know about typography and design.


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