Do Cats Really Box?

This blog isn’t about my cats but everyone asks me about our name and how we came up with Boxing Cats. When Pam and I decided to launch our own design firm we needed a unique name that really stopped people in their tracks. We put our heads together and came up with all sorts of name combinations but nothing clicked with both of us.

Okay, here comes the sickly cute story. We office out of our home and have two cats, Oolong and Kyoshi. They are siblings and spend most of their day sleeping in one of the open chairs in our office. Sometimes together on one chair but most of the time each to his own. On occasion they have brotherly tussles as most siblings do. On one such occasion Pam and I were racking our brains working on firm names when she heard a commotion under her table. The two cats were locked in combat and Pam commented, “Look at those two boxing cats!”

Enough said.

There isn’t a person I talk to or give a business card to that hasn’t made a comment about how much they love the name. It does give us something to talk about and it is a great opening for a conversation. The problem I have is connecting the name to what we do. What I have come up with is on our home page at I would appreciate feedback or suggestions. Pam and I worked to keep it simple and to the point without pontificating. We let our work speak for itself.

Oolong & Kyoshi

Oolong & Kyoshi

Cats do box!

Cats do box!

These will be the only pictures you will see of our boxing cats.

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